Med vennlig hilsen

Gull Aanes

The Golden Heart Journey to Egypt March 13 - 26. 2023


The Golden Heart can also see Your shining heart there 🙂

I Honor that You come for this very Special Journey with me and my team.

   Magic Love, Gull Isis 

 Dear ones who dream of a spiritual journey in our special home, Egypt or we can use the ancient name Khem. 

 You can join in with your joyous glow to discovery along Egypt Spiritual Journey,  set up and led by Gull Aanes, Isis Teaching and Healing. 

And as always organized by the talented and good man in Egypt, Mr. Ihab Rashad and a splended team who  wants to make sure that everything we do is safe and kind in everything we do and surround ourselves with.

In addition, we take with us the whole journey, a Egyptologist as our guide.                              It will be: "He who knows everything you want to know" 🙂

We all meet in Cairo for welcoming information meeting and to stay at a very nice Hotel and have some days there to discover Ancient sites and history.

From Aswan we book in to our Private Dahabeya Hadeel - we will sail on the Nile several days in your "own Yath / like a hotell.

Please do not to hesitate to contact me for more information.                                                               mobile: +45 61 6925 53  WhatsApp

🙂  And who am I?  I AM me, Gull Aanes from Norway, and live in Denmark.                               Daily I work online with clients for Healing and Clairvoyant Reading. Also I give courses in Gaia Dawn Heart - Reiki and The Northern Light STAR.                                                      I do spiritual Journeys to Egypt, and earlier years, including Mt.Shasta in California also.   

Reiki Master. Founder of The Northern Light STAR a course in self-developement and Healing.

Melchizedek Method Master ( all levels) The Gaia- Dawn Heart Master ( all levels) 

Teacher of Clairvoyant Reading. 🙂 I have led groups in "The Seven Sacred Flames,                              and also The Keys of Enoch.

 Messenger and        +47 906 332 20  /  +45 61 69 25 53

Call or write to me for price and detajls. 




First day to Visit to The Egypt Museum where you will see many masterpieces.

The following stop is Old Cairo, There are churches here that date back to the early Christian Era. The Hanging  Church, or the Church of the Virgin Mary, was built in the 9th century to ‘hang’ high upon the walls of Babylon. The effect of this ‘hanging’ is now diminished significantly as ground levels have raised around the walls.                                                       Deeper into Coptic Cairo there are several other older churches, including the Church of St. Sergius, which dates from the 5th century and was supposedly built upon the site of a crypt where the Holy Family (Jesus, Mary, and Joseph) to shelter during there time in Egypt. 

Even further back is Ben Ezra Synagogue. This is the oldest synagogue in Cairo, founded in the 9th century on what is claimed to be either the site of the Temple of Jeremiah or the site where the pharaoh’s daughter found Moses among the reeds.


A visit to Sakkara to view the most of dozens of Old Kingdom pyramids rise on the west bank near ancient Memphis. About 2630 B.C. Imhotep, architect to King Djoser (Dynasty III), masterminded the Step Pyramid at
Sakkara. The world’s oldest freestanding stone structure, this pyramid consists of six tiers atop a mastaba, or low, oblong tomb, faced with cut stone.

Abu Simbel Temples

Abu Simbel with the powerful Temple of Ramses II and Nefertari., they Invite us inside,

and It is for us to be guided and feel and sence the swirling energies

Abu Simbel Temples is the grand finale of a voyage up the Nile. Hewn of a mountain for

Ramesses II, this magnificent temple is both an ancient and modern engineering marvel. then we drive back to the hotel Set I and overnight.

Daytime to enjoy the pool, and we will enjoy the evening outside under millions og glittering Stars.

Equinox celebration at Philae Temple of Isis

Aswan and check-in at lovley Movenpic Aswan hotel. Afternoon we take nice felucca ride around
Elephantine Island, and you may wish to visit the Nubian colorful market of Aswan.

Then the next day, early morning we take a boat to Philae Tempel of the Goddess Isis. We will do a special meditation and celebrate the Equinox and make balance of the energies., and to                        Celebrate that the Spring is here.  

Dahabeya Hadeel

Kom Ombo. Edfu. Esna.                                                                                                                          We will have several days of sailing on the Blue Nile. Meditate on the deck surrounded by the birds song and the water buffalo grunt. And all the beautiful and peaceful scenery along the Nile is a delight to the eye and soul.

In our quiet sailing at The Blue Nile down to Luxor we will stop and visit several Temples, Kom Ombo, Edfu, Esna and so much more to see and feel an to BE!                                                        The deeper meaning of your Journey will show up little by little, meanwhile you will meditate inside Temples and on the deck when we go by Dahabeya.                                         You can hear the whispering from the water droplets, and the message they will sing just for you.  And the beautiful special birds that will give you melodies you never heard before, because they are so happy to see you. 

Luxor Temple

Luxor Temple The Wortex of Seraphis Bay and The Great White Brotherhood.

The Temple of Man - The words of this place is for You to come in to, to feel and to Be It. Many "rooms"  to go into and many decades to explore. 


Dendera and Abydos

Hathors Temple in Dendera. This beautiful and Happy Tempel for Dance music and Joy. Hathor is also the giver of Life, We will enjoy and feel good. 

Abydos, the Temple of Osiris and the Lower of Life (Love) since more more than 15000 years B.C By the lake of prayers where we hopefully can be able to walk down to.

Osiris, the Love of Isis, The Eternal Love. You hold the Key to my Heart. The Blessing and Link to our World's Colliding. The Essence of all that we Are and all we are BeComing. There is nothing more Pure than the Fire that's Burning in our Heart's. As long as the Stars are Shining, the Flame will remain Strong. Nothing in this World can ever put an End to our Eternal Love. The Story of Us as old as Time. The Flames burn bright and Illuninates our World. An Eternal Flame that can not be extinguished. You and I are the Ones that Hold the Secret Key to Infinity and Beyond...

Karnak Temple Equinox

Karnak Temple the biggest ever made here, and overwhelming of beauti.           We need to spend time here to see, listen and enjoy, and at the back of the Temple is a little chappel with the fiery and peaceful and loving Sekh Met, the Lioness Goddess. We  will spend alone time in here for Meditating and manifesting together with her energies and words to us. Inside the Sacret chappel of Sek Meth with the wonderful energies made for You.

West Bank, Kings Valley, Valley of The Queens

 West Bank of ancient Thebes and visit the Valley of the Kings, with

it’s Royal Tombs, a visit to the Valley of Queens including a visit to the Nefertari Tomb,. We also visit the Hatshepsut temple, on your way back you stop at the Colossi of Memnon.

Photo from The Tooms of Nefertari - Isis and Nefertari together.



Giza and The Pyramids

With All My Respect to those who hear the clarion call from your Heart, and brake free of the manmade limitations to do this lifetime journey. You Will Never Ever Regret It!

Let your Soul find its pathway to your Happiness and be The Shining STAR That You Are.

It is really really a lot you get for the amount of money this Journey cost. 

Please do not hesitate with any question you might have. Just ask me

Sincere  Your Spiritual Guide, Gull Isis Aanes 🙂